Mission, Vision and Values

We are dedicated to improving lives and communities through arts and culture.


Our vision is to create a world where arts and culture are a central part of life, and the people and communities we work with can live creative, healthy lives, and fulfil their potential, regardless of background.


Our values are:

  • Inclusivity:  Our work is founded on opportunity for all, regardless of background, situation or circumstances.  We are committed to putting people at the centre and listening to their voices so that our work is relevant and responds to their needs.

  • Excellence:  The people and communities we work with deserve the highest and most professional quality of service or provision we can offer.  We consistently work to ensure this and make what we do better.  We bring dedication, passion, innovation, inspiration and ambition to all our work.

  • Cooperation:  All our work is built on cooperation, collaboration and respect, and always strives for a simple clear message supported by teamwork, and social responsibility.

  • Nurture:  We create safe and supportive environments within which people can grow and develop.  We facilitate and empower change for the people we work with.

We achieve this by using arts participation and engagement to build resilience with deprived and vulnerable communities, developing things like confidence, cooperation, happiness, attitude, self-esteem, sociability, and concentration, leading to improved mental health, raised aspirations and stronger family and community relationships.

Whilst we have two specialist areas, music and carnival arts, we engage with engage with a broad range of art forms.

NORCA & Sistema in Norwich is a registered charity (No. 1089916) established as a company limited by guarantee (Company No. 04278192)

Who's Who



  • Marcus Patteson, Executive Director

  • Cathie Davies, Operations and Volunteer Manager

  • Melissa Keeble, Administrator

  • Anna Patteson, Communications and Marketing Officer


  • Marcus Patteson, Programme Director

  • Juan Gabriel Rojas, Musical Director

  • Al Watts, Sistema Programme Manager 

  • Firdevs Eke Dincer, Musical Direction Assistant

  • Melissa Keeble, Tutor – GM, Upper strings

  • Melinda Hirsch-Robinson, Tutor - Upper strings

  • Dominic Hopkins, Tutor - Upper strings

  • Araminta Caldicot-Bull, Tutor – Lower strings (on maternity)

  • Kayleigh Simpson, Tutor – Lower strings

  • Alex Hobbs, Tutor – Lower strings

  • Ingrid Perrin, Tutor - Lower strings

  • Vilem Hais, Tutor - Lower strings

  • Ben Winn, Tutor – Percussion

  • James Porter, Tutor – General music, Digital

  • Marcos Garrido, Tutor – Brass

  • Mark Read, Tutor – Brass

  • Dave Osborne, Tutor - Brass

  • Fi Witton, Tutor – Wind

  • David Ingham, Tutor – Wind

  • Clive Hitchcock, Tutor - Wind

  • Nelly Rodriguez - Wind, GM

  • Sam Serazin, Trainee tutor - Lower strings



  • Steve Copley, Curriculum Coordinator and Advisor

  • Mark Read, Tutor - Singing and General Music

  • Anna Patteson, Tutor - Ukulele and General Music

  • Jon Cann, Tutor - Samba drumming

  • Duda Ferreira, Tutor - Samba drumming

  • James Porter, Tutor - Digital and General Music

  • Melissa Keeble, Tutor - Ukulele and General Music

  • Les Chappel, Tutor - African drumming

TRUSTEES (click HERE for bios of the board members)

  • Karl Jermy

  • Jacqui Mackay

  • Abby Dalgleish

  • Dawn Rees

  • Beryl Blower


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