Some suggested listing from our Programme Manager, Al Watts.

Selection by AL WATTS (Programme Manager, Sistema in Norwich)

You may not know this, but Al is an accomplished guitarist and composer, and was a chorister as a child.


This is a beautiful piece of gypsy jazz guitar, always reminds me of how playing fast and accurate is not about straining your muscles but being as relaxed as possible but with maximum concentration. This performance gets inside my head, I hope you enjoy it. 


This is a piece from my childhood. I performed this piece many times and I love the harmony of the lower voices. There is something very unique about hearing an unaccompanied choir, for this piece in particular, if I had to put it into words is like being wrapped in cotton wool whilst watching the sunrise. 


One of the greatest guitar players that no one has really heard of. Simply beautiful phrasing, played with passion...what more could you ask. 


You will recognise this piece, it has been used in loads of adverts and film scores but not many people know the full piece. It is really beautiful and well worth a listen. This was a part of my dad's record collection when I was younger and the dramatic nature of the music had a real impact on me. I hope you enjoy it.  


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