"I think in the orchestra specifically it's just this sense of community that you get, because not only are you learning an instrument, everyone else is in the same position and you really get to learn about yourself, your instrument and those around you.


When I hit high school I had a really bad time then, and Sistema basically kept me alive at that point. I found my own purpose through Sistema."

Becoming a Business Supporter of Sistema in Norwich means that young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity and who come from some of Norwich's most deprived areas, get to learn to play a musical instrument, take part in an orchestra and are able to achieve more across their lives. Regular donations mean we are more sustainable and can plan for the future, and we are looking to build so that it can really support the programme in the coming years and the exciting plans that we have for it.

Business Supporters receive an annual update and get invited to a range of special events, such as pre-concert gatherings, talks and presentations.  We include names and logos of Business Friends on our website and in publicity. We are happy to discuss business engagement, so if you are interested in supporting Sistema in Norwich and want to talk about it, you can email us HERE​ or call the office (01603 760529 ext 1) and ask to speak to Marcus Patteson, the Executive Director.

To become a Business Supporter, you can:

  • Click on one of the links below and set up a monthly payment at the amount you feel able to support us (this is via TotalGiving, which is a reputable and safe 3rd party fundraising website that does not charge charities)

  • Or, if you'd rather set up a standing order with your bank yourself, you can fill out the online form and we will get in touch.



Pays for a child to attend Saturday Sistema sessions (3hrs/week) for a year.



Pays for the cost of a child’s participation in the whole programme for a year (up to 7.5hrs/week).



Pays for 5 children to attend Saturday Sistema sessions (3hrs/week each) for a year.



Pays for the cost of 5 children’s participation in the whole programme for a year (up to 7.5hrs/week each).