Sistema in Norwich seeks to improve the lives of children and young people, and their families. We aim to give these young people skills that will serve them well in all aspects of their lives, developed through engagement in music.


El Sistema in Venezuela was part of the original inspiration for our programme, and we have sought to learn from El Sistema to inform our work and celebrate the power of music to change lives. We are, however, an entirely independent charity, focused on our local community, with no links to El Sistema in terms of management and governance. The allegations of abuse in Venezuela which have surfaced are appalling and must be dealt with in an uncompromising manner by El Sistema in Venezuela and the Venezuelan authorities. We fully support and stand alongside any victim of abuse.


At the heart of all NORCA & Sistema in Norwich’s work is the unequivocal importance of safety for young people and their families. Everyone associated with our charity is clear on the paramount nature of safeguarding and how it must be carried out. Our work is carried out in line with rigorous policies on child protection and safeguarding, recruitment and selection, alongside our focus on equality and diversity. We deliver comprehensive training and development for all our staff and volunteers. 


In the wake of the Sarah Everard case, the testimonies on the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ website provide a challenge for all organisations in the UK to work together to address a broader culture of the normalising and trivialising of sexual violence. This requires us to go above and beyond our safeguarding, to actively contribute to challenging and changing the culture in the UK.


As an organisation, we are fully committed to creating a safe, nurturing and positive environment for all young people taking part in our work. We will continue to strive to support children and young people in a challenging world.

NORCA & Sistema in Norwich, June 2021