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Sistema is a free after-school program that looks to inspire children to reach their full potential. Children learn how to play an instrument and, more importantly, experience the joy of being part of an orchestra. Designed to be fun and engaging, children learn valuable life skills while at the same time grow musically.

We run the programme from our building, Martineau Memorial Hall, on Colegate, Norwich.

The programme is free to members of the orchestra but parents/guardians can make donations to the charity (regular or one-off) to help us deliver the very best for our students.


No previous experience is required to join our Da Capo beginners orchestra, all you need is a willingness to learn and a love of music. If you already have some musical experience and are looking for an ensemble to become part of we may be able to put you into one of our higher level orchestras once an audition has been completed. Please enquire for further information.


All students receive an instrument on loan for the duration of their time in the programme.