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Ben Winn (Percussion tutor, Sistema in Norwich)

You may not know this, but Ben is an accomplished writer, composer and performer, with his own band. Ben's has selected live performances, as he thinks it is best to see these these pieces in a concert setting, and see how the bands and orchestras work together.

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - Ryuichi Sakamoto

Japanese compose Ryuichi Sakamoto began in electronic music in the 70s and 80s and is now a leading composer in films. This piece is from the film of the same name and uses Far Eastern harmony in an innovative way. Sakamoto is an innovator and one of my favourite composers.

Often A Bird - Wim Mertens

Minimalist composers often use simple and repetitive melodies and phrases in their work. Sometimes the music is angular and challenging, but Wim Mertens’ music is elegant and moving. For me, it opened a world of contemporary composers. He has a huge repertoire that I recommend you delve into and check out. Often A Bird uses repeating melodies that build in layers and dynamics. and contains a great use of percussion.

No Pain For Cakes - John Lurie & The Lounge Lizards

The Auld Triangle - Luke Kelly & the Dubliners

John Lurie is a jazz saxophonist who has experimented with different instrumentation in his music. The percussion performance in this piece is one of my favourites and introduces a track that fuses styles and genres in a unique way.

We have recently explored singing and harmony in Sistema, and I wanted to include something that celebrate lyrics and story telling. Folk music is a great source of stories and a distinct use of the voice. This Irish folk song is a great example and the harmonies here are spine tingling!