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Juan Gabriel Rojas (Musical Director, Sistema in Norwich)

Juan is the Musical Director of Sistema in Norwich and has a strong belief that personal, intellectual, spiritual and social development can be achieved through music.

Mambo - Bernstein

This is a reminder of what dreaming big means: Dedication and love for what you do.

Chaconne - J.S. Bach

J. S. Bach is always with me, I listen and play his music very often. It is like medicine for your soul, the feeling that there is something bigger than ourselves.

Pajarillo - Alexis Cardenas

Symphony No.6 - Ludwig van Beethoven

Music has no boundaries, and the lines between classical, folk, jazz etc. have never really existed. This piece is a Venezuelan piece called "Pajarillo". It is played by a dear friend and Venezuelan virtuoso Alexis Cardenas.

2020 was the 250th anniversary of L. van Beethoven's Birth, and listening to this Symphony I can feel the joy of being alive and in contact with nature.