Dennis Rollins performing at Norwich Arts Centre in 2005.

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Our live music programme is currently on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic and restrictions due to social distancing.


Please watch this space (and our events page) for more information.

Live music has always been part of NORCA & Sistema in Norwich's offer, often working with key partners and venues (e.g. Norwich Arts Centre, Octagon Chapel) to add a bit of our own mix to Norwich's vibrant music scene.  From the wonderful Dennis Rollins', 'Griots t' Garage', to the Cuban drum orchestra of Orchestra Bombo (and throwing in some extraordinary performances by the young people's orchestras of Sistema in Norwich) we look to celebrate culture and creativity through a regular programme of performances.  The summer festival we run, Head Out Not Home, offers up to 40 local and national acts, and our carnival-inspired concerts series, 'Brazil' and 'Carnavalia', have brought the world to Norwich's door.

These events often support our wider work.  Dennis Rollins' show followed a songwriting workshop he had led, and included performances by workshop participants.  Norwich Samba joined Monobloco on-stage for the finale of their Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich Lord Mayor's Celebration show in 2008. And every year, our Platform Stage at Head Out Not Home, showcases young and up-and-coming talent.

There's a link to more details about 'Head Out Not Home' below, and please visit our events page for news of any upcoming concerts.

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