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What is the report?

  • Title page. This is the cover of your reporting task, on which you must indicate: the student's full name, direction, name of the educational institution, period of internship, etc. Introduction. The report usually starts the same way, that is, with the very description of your task. It is necessary to describe in detail the organization or enterprise: full name and location address, contact details of its head, processes and work carried out on its territory. All of this information must be current as of the date your report was written. Your personal details plus a practice assignment approved by your teacher.

  • The main part contains information directly about your actual actions. This part describes the goals and objectives that are set before you for a certain period of time, what you need to learn and what to master. It is in this part of the report that you refer to the timetable and diary of your practice.

  • The graph displays the time you worked at the enterprise, and the diary contains estimates of your activities for this time, which is indicated in the graph. All these data are entered by the employee of the organization who supervises you during the training period. Most likely, the same employee will give you an opinion on your activities.

  • In conclusion, the results are summed up and conclusions are drawn about the possibility or impossibility of using the acquired practical skills on your part in the future as a specialist. This will be the final conclusion in your report on whether you completed the task or failed. The last sheet must contain the signature of the person under whose supervision you carried out your practical activities.

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Download an example of a study practice report in an organization

For convenience and ease of perception of what was written, an example of a partial completion of a report on the practice of a college student majoring in pastry chef is attached.

Registration of the application in the practice report

In the process of preparing a report on practice, it is necessary to use the methodological instructions of the university and methodology in order to do the perfect job without or with help . And if the students devote enough time to the report itself, then they often forget about the applications and do not draw them up according to the rules. Because of this, problems and questions often arise on the protection of the report. What is an appendix to a practice report Applications include all visual material that is used for the most accurate coverage of the topic. The commission pays close attention to applications, because thanks to this part of the report it is possible to track the correct work of the student, his progress in practice and the acquired skills on the educational blog. Anything deemed important to the report should be included in the appendices. These can be drawings, photographs, tables, graphs, documents, etc. What's included in the apps There is a specific list of applications that must be included in the report:

  • production briefing;

  • photos of production;

  • documents that show the student's activities;

  • graphs, charts, tables that show the work;

  • questionnaires and questionnaires;

  • copies of documents on the activities of the organization;

  • calculations and formulas;

  • report on the completed individual task.

Such documents and materials are considered attachments, as they reflect the student's activities in practice and help the supervisor evaluate his work. Therefore, they need to be taken out in a separate chapter: applications.

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