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Some goals are key to the future of the work

  • Creating a sustainable, long-term programme

  • Achieving real change for young people

  • A programme that supports children and young people from ‘cradle to career’

  • Continually improving what we do, so that we are able to further develop this innovative and challenging programme and our practice is excellent

  • Broadening opportunities for young people (e.g. being able to take them to visit other programmes)


Our priorities are:

  • Increasing instrumental tutor teaching hours across the primary-age programme

  • Adding more primary schools

  • Providing ‘teen’ Sistema sessions for older children (11 to 18yrs)

  • Expanding and training the tutor team

  • Bringing in an experienced musical director to help us grow the work

  • Increasing our pool of instruments

Typical costs associated with the programme

  • £5 provides fruit for a session

  • £10 replaces a full set of violin strings, and £20 a cello set.

  • £65 provides a tutor instrumental session for up to 15 children

  • £120 pays for a violin

  • £130 provides a two tutor ensemble session or sectional for up to 25 children

  • £140 pays for a day of musical director time

  • £175 pays for an instrumental lesson for a child for a year

  • £180 pays for a trumpet, trombone, clarinet or flute

  • £260 provides a full orchestral rehearsal session for up to 60 children

  • £350 enables a child to take part in a primary-age orchestra for a year

  • £400 pays for a cello

  • £600 enables a child to take part in the Colegate Nucleo orchestra for a year

  • £600 pays for an instrumental lesson for a year for 5 children

  • Instruments like Oboes, Double basses, Tubas and Bassoons all cost well over £1,000

  • £2,600 pays for instrumental lessons for a year for 15 children

  • £3,000 to £6,000 enables us to start an orchestra at a new Primary school


Key larger targets:

  • £18,000/pa to enable us to achieve the needed level of musical direction

  • £20,000/pa to provide a part time pastoral worker to support young people

  • £40,000/pa to support core function, particularly administration, coordination, communication and fundraising

  • £90,000/pa to run our ‘teen’ Sistema, providing 5hrs/week for 150 young people


(and what they cost)